Thursday, December 23, 2010

Only one woman in new Cabinet

"Iraq's female lawmakers are furious that only one member of the country's new Cabinet is a woman and are demanding better representation in a government that otherwise has been praised by the international community for bringing together the country's religious sects and political parties.

Although women make up a quarter of the 325-member parliament, only two ministries were offered to women — with a female candidate refusing one of them in protest — in the 44-member Cabinet that was sworn in on Tuesday. Female lawmakers cried foul and demanded more women be appointed."


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the "new" iraq

Dolly said...

Well Uncle Sam never cared about woman rights in Iraq, so this is not a failure.
The U.S. just wants 520,000 Rauafidh to die for them

Mister Ghost said...

Not a shining moment for the US as women unfortunately got screwed big time in the post Saddam, more fundamentalist, sectarian, Sharia law Iraq.

But more than the US, the fault lies within Islam, Sharia Law, Iraqi tribalism and Mideast traditionalism.

Maury said...

This kind of honor killing should be legal. Heck,the dad deserves a medal imo.