Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malaysia arrests Shiites

"More than 200 Muslim Shiites—including Iranians, Indonesians and Pakistanis—were detained in one of the biggest swoops on outlawed Muslim sects in Malaysia and may be charged with breaching Islamic laws, an official said Monday.

Government authorities in Muslim-majority Malaysia consider only the Sunni denomination to be legal. Sunni Islam is the world's largest branch of the religion, followed by Shia Islam."

And I thought Malaysia is a tolerant progressive nation.


Dolly said...

The Shia believe Imam Mahdi will dig up the graves of Abu Bakr and Umar to punish them.
Is this supposed to be allowed in Malaysia

Mister Ghost said...

Those Shia rabble rousing teabaggers
got what they deserved. LOL. )))

Lesson 1, Muhannad: It sucks to be a minority sect or religion in much of the Muslim world. If they're not persecuting Christians, they're preventing, stopping, disallowing, brutalizing the non-majority. And it's been occurring for the last 1400 years with no reform in sight.

Mister Ghost said...

And Muhannad, when the Shia are the majority sect, a la Iran, they discriminate too, for example, against the Christians, Bahai, Sunna, Jews, et al.

Maury said...

Tolerant Muslim country? That was a joke, right? Name one Muslim country where non-Muslims have equal rights. Just one.

While you're at it, maybe you can find a Christian country where non-Christians don't have equal rights. There's bound to be at least one.

Dolly said...

You know what's pretty amusing → Anuar 'Aulaqi used to be invited to the White House as a consultant against terrorism.

Don Cox said...

Equal rights for non-Christians or heretical Christians in Christian countries are quite a recent development, historically speaking. Muslim countries are only a couple of centuries behind the times.