Sunday, December 26, 2010

Iran-Iraq War was 18th worst atrocity in history

With a million dead, the Iran-Iraq war is ranked on this website as the 18th worst atrocity in the history of the world. I was in Iraq during the first two years of that war. I had no idea at the time that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were lending money to Saddam to fight that war. The loans (Saddam thought it was a gift) were on top of Iraq's own money Saddam spent on the war. Kuwait still wants all its money back.

The pic is a little reminder to those who still believe that Saddam could not possibly be close to the Saudis, because one was secular and the other is not.


Mister Ghost said...

If Layla Anwar sees that photo, she'll start moaning: )))

"My Saddam, My Saddam, ohhhhh."

But it's the old Mideast enemy of my enemy thing, Muhannad.

There are probably pics of members of the Iranian government with al Qaeda and Bin Laden family members that will eventually surface.

Aton said...

"one was secular and the other is not'

Both are Arab Supremacists.

Maury said...

Chavez and Ahmadinejad are probably the oddest couple today. Too far to the left or right, and you fall into the same cesspool. Hitler and Stalin are perfect examples.

Dolly said...

Yea I am really against Ugo Avez.
Instead of killing innocent people over nonexistent WMD, the U.S. should have confronted Russia and Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

the best thing to see is "A tale of two soldiers" by Kurdish filmmaker Jiyar Gol.

If u understand persian, u can watch it on youtube otherwise you should see it whenever possible.

Very moving

C.H. said...

"Yea I am really against Ugo Avez."

And why's that?

Aton said...

"More Love And Tolerance From The Religion of Peace

This video is very graphic so I placed it below the fold. This is a stoning video of a couple. Notice the crowd of people gathered to witness the brutality.

This is Islam. This is Sharia Law in action. This is what Islam wants to impose on the West. This is the evil our Troops are fighting against.

Another warning: Extremely graphic content!"

Aton said...

"Pakistan's rape victim who dared to fight back"

Iraqi Mojo said...

Aton, thank you for posting the link about the sad story of the Pakistani schoolgirl who was raped at the age of 13 and refuses to stay silent about it. Also sad is that the Pakistani.

"Kainat's story of defiance is reminiscent of Mukhtar Mai, an illiterate villager who was raped by four men in 2002 as punishment after her brother was accused of adultery. Like Kainat, she ignored taboos to fight for justice and women's rights, becoming a familiar face at conferences in the US and Europe.

And like Kainat the men she accused are still free after winning an appeal against their convictions."

Iraqi Mojo said...

I thought Iraq is bad. The injustice in Pakistan is incredible.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Aton, that video of people stoning humans to death is disgusting. It amazes me that they yell "Allah Akbar" (God is Great) as they throw stones to kill a human. That is part of the disgust, that they do it in the name of God, as if God allows that stupid shit.

I also used to believe that there must be something in Sharia law that compels the Salafi idiots to stone women to death, but if the principles of Sharia include the protection of life, then those stone-throwing murderers are very much in violation of Sharia. Whether stoning people to death has anything to do with Sharia law or not, I doubt that "Islam" wants to impose Sharia on the west. If in the unlikely event a human is stoned to death in America, the criminals would undoubtedly be prosecuted by federal and state laws, which would supersede any Sharia law.

I do not see these murderous actions as something born out of Islam. I see them as crimes of a backward culture, in a way similar to the rapes that go unpunished in Pakistan. If those stone-throwing schmucks (in Afghanistan?) do believe they stone women to death for Islam, then progressive Muslims and the Afghan government must arrest those criminals and punish them severely, and as an American Muslim I appreciate any help those progressives receive from the US.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I just found this:

'Islamic Sharia Law is based on the Koran, the hadith, and the biography of Mohammed. Shia and Sunni hadith collections differ because scholars from the two traditions differ as to the reliability of the narrators and transmitters. Shi'a sayings related to stoning can be found in Kitab al-Kafi; Sunni sayings related to stoning can be found in the Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.[9]

The Koran forbids all sexual intercourse outside the marital bond as sinful, but makes no distinction between adultery and fornication—and in both cases the punishment is flogging for those found guilty.[10] Stoning (rajm) as a punishment for adultery is not mentioned in the Koran, so some modernist Muslim scholars (past and present)[who?] take the view that stoning to death was never contemplated as a punishment.

In the Sahih Bukhari, however, stoning is mandated by Mohammed at least 34 times.[11][12] According to the Hanbali jurist Ibn Qudamah, "Muslim jurists are unanimous on the fact that stoning to death is a specified punishment for the married adulterer and adulteress.
The punishment is recorded in number of traditions and the practice of Muhammad stands as an authentic source supporting it. This is the view held by all Companions, Successors and other Muslim scholars with the exception of Kharijites."[13]

Based on this, in several Muslim countries, such as, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, adultery is punishable by stoning.'

Aton said...

Thanks Mojo..

Dolly what is your view on that video?

Dolly said...

My view is as follows Aton

Supporters of Shari'ah apparently believe that a deity above the throne above the 7th heaven has legislated exactly such punishment.

And people like you use your intellect and your desires to conclude that it's unacceptable.

But see, the thing is, you are not necessarily competent to say it is wrong.

Because according to their view, Allaah created you as well;
and Allaah knows what he created, so the Shari'ah is like the instruction manual for the son of Adam

One way out of it though, is to say that the penalty must only be instituted by the Islamic State, and not by some tribal ignoramus on his own.
↑ That is how mainstream Saudi salafeez get out of it.