Friday, December 17, 2010

1,000 Iraqi Christian families have fled since church massacre

'They are seeking refuge in the relatively safe Kurdish-controlled region in the north.

The UN High Commission for Refugees said about 1,000 families have left Baghdad and Mosul province since an attack on a church left 68 people dead.

It said the flight of Christians to other parts of Iraq and abroad has become "a slow but steady exodus".

The UNHCR also said it was dismayed that European governments are deporting failed Iraqi asylum seekers to areas of the country it does not consider safe.'

This is very sad, and so close to Christmas.


Dolly said...

So the Assmericans kill like 1 million of your people, and then you send them a Hallmark card about Christian refugees and your condolences.

Don Cox said...

The coalition did not kill a million Iraqis. The total number of deaths in the Iraq war was at most 150,000. Of these, perhaps 30% were killed by coalition forces - maybe less.

That is still a terrible loss of life, but your argument that the Saddam regime should have been left in place might be stronger if you used believable figures.

Aton said...

Dolly lives in a world of lies.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"In October, Wikileaks publicized thousands of U.S. daily intelligence documents from Iraq. The Guardian’s Data Blog culled through the papers and put together a chart on monthly casualties from January 2004 to December 2009. The Guardian found 83,300 Iraqi deaths for those six years and 176,382 wounded. Another 23,984 enemy combatants were also killed. For the time period covered in the CENTCOM posting, the Guardian noted 74,830 deaths, 2,109 less than the military’s. "

Iraqi Mojo said...

Has Al Qaeda ever tried to attack Qatar, host to CENTCOM? Or have they been too busy mass murdering Iraqis?