Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saddam was really nuts

From MAX FISHER's Iraq Tries to Ignore Koran Written in Saddam's Blood:

'Haraam, and also disgusting. Saddam reportedly had it written "in a ghoulish bid for piety" over two years in the late 1990s. The calligrapher, Abbas Shakir Joody al-Baghdadi, would write out pages using a tool connected to Saddam's veins, with a nurse overseeing the procedures. Baghdadi, who is one of the few Saddam-connected Iraqis to have found refuge in the U.S., is so scarred by the experience he still will not discuss it over a decade later.

...The incident reveals the pitfalls of majority Shia rule in a country once led by the Sunni minority, the difficulty of overcoming Baathist legacy, and the impossibly complicated intertwinement of politics, security, and sectarianism in Iraq. It also serves as an important reminder of a fact often overlooked in the heated debates over the Iraq war and its effects: Saddam Hussein was really, really nuts.'


Anonymous said...

and i heard saddam was a vampire who eats kids at night

Iraqi Mojo said...

No, but Saddam was really nuts.

Don Cox said...

For a good unsensational account of Saddam, try the book "The Insider" by Ala Bashir. The author was a doctor who treated Saddam regularly; he was also a (very bad) painter, and Saddam liked his pictures.

Uday seems to have been madder than Saddam.

Anonymous said...

I propose Maliki, Sadr, Talabani, Chalabi, Allawi etc. etc. also give their blood to write a book with.

Let it be a looooooooooooooooooooong book and without a nurse watching.

Iraqi Mojo said...

A lot of Arabs talk about killing Maliki, Sadr, Talabani, Chalabi, Allawi, etc. but in reality the Arab "resistance" (if there is such a thing) has killed mostly innocent ordinary Iraqis.

Dolly said...

Yeah but you have to ask yourself, if at least 15k Romans & Raafidha have been killed in combatant roles, it raises the question of who killed them?
I mean you say that those damn arabs are only in the business of killing 'teh inosents'