Monday, December 13, 2010

"Real Jews"

'Ira Stup was raised in Philadelphia attending Jewish day school and camps. He found his home in the Jewish community and was “intoxicated with Jewish democracy” as framed in the ideals of Israel’s foundation. Now he has returned deeply troubled from a one-year fellowship based in Tel Aviv.

The worst single incident occurred on Ben Yehuda Street in central Jerusalem. Stup, 24, a Columbia graduate, was returning from a rally with a couple of friends carrying a banner that said, “Zionists are not settlers.” A group of religious Jews wearing yarmulkes approached, spat on them and started punching.

“About 20 people saw the whole thing and just watched. They were screaming, ‘You are not real Jews.’ Most of them were American. It was one of the most disappointing moments of my life — you can disagree as much as you want with a banner but to allow violence and not react is outrageous. For me it was a turning point. Nobody previously had said I was not a real Jew.”

The view that American Jews supportive of Israel but critical of its policies are not “real Jews” is, however, widespread. Israel-right-or-wrong continues to be the core approach of major U.S. Jewish organizations, from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

To oppose the continued expansion of settlements in the West Bank (“Zionists are not settlers”), or question growing anti-Arab bigotry as personified by Israel’s rightist foreign minister and illustrated by the “loyalty oath” debate, or ask whether the “de-legitimization” of Israel might not have something to do with its own actions is to incur these organizations’ steady ire." '

--Roger Cohen

I remember when people said I was not a "real" Iraqi, apparently because I supported the overthrow of Saddam's regime. Also I remember Sarah Palin's remarks about "real Americans."


Anonymous said...

ahh shurrup mojo, you are the biggest zionist. Go back to your usual sectraian hatred

Anonymous said...

but wait mojo, arent the palestinians sunnis?

according to you, sunnis are the scum of the earth, how could you support the palestinians?

arent they "ayraaaaab jayraab"?

Anonymous said...

just curious, is this jew a haredi or ashkenazi? just curious cause i need to know for my sectarianism..

Iraqi Mojo said...

"according to you, sunnis are the scum of the earth"

You are twisting my words or misunderstanding me. I said Sunni extremists are the scum of the earth. I wrote: "It's clear to me that the Sunni 3arab jarab started the sectarian war" and "Such are the ways of Sunni extremists. They are the scum of the earth."

I am referring to the Arabs who mass murdered Iraqis to maintain control of Iraq. I am referring to the Muslims who decided after 2003 that killing Shia would be rewarded by Allah. I am referring to the Ugly Arab, the 3arab jarab.

There are jarab among Iraqi Shia too, no doubt. Some Iraqi Shia killed for Saddam. Those are a special kind of 3arab jarab, a paradox. They did it for money and power, of course. And there are Iranian jarab who use Islam to control their country. Those are Farsi jarab.

But nothing comes close to the backward stupidity of the Sunni Salafi 3arab jarab.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"but wait mojo, arent the palestinians sunnis?"

Roger Cohen's article isn't as much about support for Palestinians as it is about Jews who criticize Israel.

I’ve met some cool Palestinians. I’ve also met some Palestinian idiots and pro-Palestinian Arab idiots who think Saddam was cool and good for Iraq. I saw pics of Palestinians holding banners supporting Zarqawi and Saddam. Those are some stupid Palestinians. I call them 3arab jarab.

“just curious, is this jew a haredi or ashkenazi? just curious cause i need to know for my sectarianism..”

The Haredi and Ashkaenazi Jews have not mass murdered each other like the Sunni extremist (no doubt Wahhabi-influenced) jarab have mass murdered the Shia.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Read my posts labeled Palestine to learn more about my views on Palestine.