Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Angry Arab thinks Sistani sold Iraq to Americans

As'ad Abu Khara (Happiest Father of Shit), the Lebanese American professor who lives and works in California, believes that Sistani sold Iraq to America:

"In the contemporary history of the Arabs, the name Grand (not really) Ayatullah Sistani will go down on the same shameful list of people like Anwar Sadat, Salam Fayyad, Muhammad Dahlan, Rafiq Hariri, Bashir Gemayyel, King Fahd, King Khusayn, and Iyad Allawi. It will be remembered that Sistani sold Iraq to the American occupiers."


Ali said...

Saw this, got angry, then realised there was nothing to get angry about; its the same old tired nonsense from an Arab "intellectual elite" that is withering away talking about issues that stopped being relevant 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Sistani can only sell his own Persian ass.

Iraqi sheep who chose to follow him sold their own treasonist asses by their own free will.

And Americans are not in a position to buy anything, if ever they sell, sell and sell Iran.

Angry Arab should stop being angry since things are going exactly the way his sectarian dick always creamed for and rather take up bellydancing.

Dolly said...
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Dolly said...

As'ad is right in a way. He probably means to say that Shaytani invited people to collaborate with the occupier, and did so using his status as an Ayat.

For all sane people, it is an act of treason and lowlife cowardice. Ask people from thousands of miles away, they will agree that the Iraqi Rafida are traitors and scum.

Why would you get "angry" over such a statement?
It is a matter of fact. You are traitors

I hope the Imam Ali shrine in Najaf is blown to dust

Iraqi Mojo said...

Sistani did not invite the Americans to Iraq, but he didn't mind them liberating Iraq from tyranny. Most Iraqis were quite happy to see the end of Saddam's murderous regime. As'ad is pissed off at Sistani because Sistani did not use his influence to encourage the Iraqi Shia to attack Americans.

In 1990 Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd Allah ibn Baaz of Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa allowing half a million American soldiers to stay in KSA, the House of Islam, and from there wage war on Iraq. Apparently Dolly was cool with that.

"During the [1991] Gulf War Ibn Baaz issued fatwa allowing the deployment of non-Muslim troops on Saudi Arabia soil to defend the Kingdom from the Iraqi army."

helpmankind said...

Oh,My God
what shame u are talk about?
Sistani sold Iraq to Americans???
the person who refused to meet anyone of the american politics since 2003 till now and didn't gave any fatwa aiding them or talk about them in goodness,and save the unity of Iraqis and made them away from sectarian war ...
Sistani is thinking about all muslims
and the History will judge him in his role in the area and the day will come all Muslims thank him for his role in saveing them from the deviated thinking

Dolly said...

muhannad the mojo claims:
☼ As'ad is pissed off at Sistani because Sistani did not use his influence to encourage the Iraqi Shia to attack Americans. ☼

It was not necessary for the Raafidha to actively attack the occupation. It woulda been quite sufficient to simply refrain from actively fighting on the enemy side.
That apparently was too complicated for you, so Iraqi Shia died in droves for Sarah Palin.

Bin Baz allowed the troops in, but they didn't come in slaughtering Saudis. They in fact helped protect KSA against the Ba'th fanatics.
In contrast, you are helping a 3rd country kill your own. It is insane and against nature.

Dolly said...

helpmankind bleats:

☼ "[Sistani] didn't gave any fatwa aiding them" ◄

He helped them by endorsing the puppet security forces and the fake elections;

The fact that Sistani didn't add the words: "...and by doing so, you will advance the Crusader interest." ← doesn't make it any less of an assistance.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Once again Dolly confuses Saddam and other Tikriti murderers with "my people". They are not my people, hmara. My people always hated the Saddamist scum and wanted them dead. Saddam and his people started killing my people in 1979, and they continued to mass murder my people for two decades. It wasn't until 2003 that the USA decided to help defend my people from saddamists, but saddamists proved they could murder even greater numbers of my people after 2003, with the help of Saudi Arabia, the country that paid America to crush saddam's army in 1991. It is quite confusing to an outsider, but in the end, Dolly, America and my people have a common enemy: YOUR people.

Dolly said...

Here is another wonderful comment from your American friends,
which shows how right you are to die for them: