Saturday, December 18, 2010

Iraqi Parliament lifts ban on Saleh el Mutlaq

"Even in Saturday's session, the tensions over repealing the ban on Mutlak, former lawmaker Dhafer Ani and politician Jamal Karbouli were evident.

After a statement that the men had signed denouncing the Baath party was read, the measure passed by 101 votes to 69. Prominent Shiite lawmakers attended the vote but did not raise their hands in a silent protest, while others stayed away in a symbolic dissent.

A senior member of Maliki's coalition, outgoing Education Minister Khudair Khuzai, said that the Shiites needed to honor their deal with Iraqiya, but wanted to show their supporters that they did not support the Baath party."

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Dolly said...

I understand they banned some people from politics right b4 the election, and then they unbanned them 1 day prior to the formation of the government.
What a coinkydink