Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iraqi Kurds also angry about continued reparations to Kuwait

I don't blame them. "Kuwait has a GDP (PPP) of US$167.9 billion and a per capita income of US$81,800, making it the 5th richest country in the world."

'Iraqi Kurdistan will have to pay US$197 million annually from its oil revenues toward Iraq’s debt to Kuwait beginning from next year, according to a new bill currently before the Iraqi parliament.

Iraq still owes $22 billion of the approximately $53 billion which the United Nations (UN) ordered Iraq to pay Kuwait as compensation for war damages incurred during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

...Sami Abdulla Atrushi, a member of the former Iraqi government’s Financial Committee, said the country’s debt requirements to Kuwait were an unfair burden on average Iraqis.

It’s an injustice against Iraqis in general and Kurdish people in particular,” said Atrushi. “Neither the Iraqi people nor their current government…agree with the policies employed by the former [Ba’athist] regime [of Saddam Hussein], especially those against Kuwait.”

Atrushi said the Kurdish people were the “first victim” of Hussein’s policies, referring to the Ba’athist regime’s genocidal persecution of the Kurds, and that therefore the compensation requirements were especially inappropriate for Iraqi Kurds. '


Dolly said...

They should up the interest.
$22 billion is too little, should be like $250 billion.

After you spent 30 years talking about how terrible Saddam is, why are you suddenly against reparations for his victims.

That inconsistency reveals
that your ideology is not anti-Saddam. Instead, your ideology is → whatever seems to be the wrong position at a given time.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The Iraqi Kurds and Shia were more victims to Saddam's terror than Kuwaitis were.

Kuwait is the 5th riches country in the world today. There are 72 Starbucks in Kuwait. They haven't been victims of Saddam since 1991.

Mister Ghost said...

Well Geo-politically speaking, in hindsight, the US should have let the Russians have Afghanistan (would the Taliban or al Qaeda have come into fruition?) and let the Iraqis keep Kuwait. The US could have used the threat of Iraqi forces there to keep the Saudis from misbehaving and in a weakened state.

And Muhannad, shouldn't the Iraqis pay reparations for all the Jewish property that was confiscated illegally in Iraq?

Maury said...

Don't stop there Mister Ghost. Let's see some reparations for American slavery. And reparations for property illegally confiscated from American Indians. Heck, everyone owes reparations of one kind or another if we go back far enough.

Ghengis Khan killed a million Iraqi's and burned Baghdad to the ground. Maybe we should press Mongolia for reparations....LOL.