Monday, December 13, 2010

More Iraqi Christians flee homes

I saw this article this morning and wanted to post it but I forgot. Thanks Faryouz for posting on facebook.

'It threatens to reduce further what Archdeacon Emanuel Youkhana of the Assyrian Church of the East called “a community whose roots were in Iraq even before Christ.”

Those who fled the latest violence — many of them in a panicked rush, with only the possessions they could pack in cars — warned that the new violence presages the demise of the faith in Iraq. Several evoked the mass departure of Iraq’s Jews after the founding of the state of Israel in 1948.

“It’s exactly what happened to the Jews,” said Nassir Sharhoom, 47, who fled last month to the Kurdish capital, Erbil, with his family from Dora, a once mixed neighborhood in Baghdad. “They want us all to go.” '


Anonymous said...

what about the MILLIONS of Iraqi sunnis who were forced from their homes?

or they dont count according to mojo

Iraqi Mojo said...

Millions? LOL

I wrote this shortly after I started this blog: "There are so many good Sunni Arabs like Zeyad in Iraq. My father's best friend was a Sunni from Samarra - he was murdered by the former regime in 85. The ordinary Sunni Arabs of Iraq should not be blamed for the actions of a few Wahabi wackos and their Baathi mafia encouragers."

Iraqi Mojo said...

I wrote this a year ago:

'I think it's important to note that the Iraqi Shia have shown great restraint this year in the face of Sunni extremist terrorism directed at them. The Iraqi Shia showed similar restraint in 2004 and 2005, after hundreds of bombings killed and maimed thousands of innocent Shia and Iraqi ISF. Even at the height of the sectarian violence in 2006 and 2007, Iraqi militia did not bomb markets in Sunni neighborhoods.

Even more remarkably, in my opinion, the Iraqi Shia did not bomb markets in Sunni neighborhoods before 2003. During the 24 years of totalitarian rule by Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein, Shia rebels did not cause mass casualty bombings in markets or police stations in his home town or any Sunni neighborhood, maybe because the Shia knew that doing so would result in the deaths of innocent people. The Shia did not bomb markets or Saddam's security forces, despite Saddam's campaign of imprisonment, murder, and ethnic cleansing against Iraq's Shia that started in 1979. Nor do Shia bomb markets in Doha, Riyadh, or Amman. It is simply immoral and unjust to punish innocent Sunni civilians for the actions of Sunni extremists.

Western journalists have acknowledged the sectarian nature of the conflict in Iraq, but many still ignore the history of sectarian conflict in Iraq before 2003, and many Arabs continue to refuse to describe Iraq in sectarian terms. Even calling Saddam a "Sunni" dictator just two years ago drew condemnation from some people in the blogosphere. Where are those people now? How do they feel about the incredible violence that Sunni extremists continue to level at innocent Iraqis? They don't seem to be blaming America as much, but they don't blame the Wahhabi-influenced 3arab jarab either. '

Iraqi Mojo said...

Iraqi Christians are still fleeing their homes because the Sunni Salafi 3arab jarab continue to attack Iraqi Christians.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Sunni extremists also continue to attack Shiites:

"Roadside bombs struck crowds of Iraqi pilgrims Tuesday as they prepared to mark the year's most solemn Shiite religious ceremony, killing three people and wounding at least 31, police said.

The two explosions went off in the late afternoon in Sunni Muslim areas in the Iraqi capital and to its north. Sunni insurgents in Iraq have frequently targeted Shiite shrines and pilgrims."

David All said...

First the Jews and now the Christians. Who's next?