Friday, May 06, 2011

Saddam shoulda been killed Usama-style

I heard Bill Maher ask Irshad Manji tonight if Muslims appreciate it that the US didn't send a cruise missile to kill bin Ladin. Manji thought about it for a second and said "no". I don't know how other Muslims would answer that question, but I am one Muslim who appreciates the fact that the US did not bomb the place and kill a bunch of innocent civilians. I wish Saddam had been killed like Usama was. Catching Saddam and putting him on trial resulted in many problems. Sunni Arabs ended up sympathizing with him and thought his trial was unjust. Killing him and his sons with an elite Navy Seal team would have been much more preferable than weeks of bombing that caused collateral damage, and then a subsequent imprisonment and trial that further divided Arabs along sectarian lines. Many people, including non-Arabs, defended Saddam without understanding his crimes, and I believe that many people would have defended Usama as well had he been captured and put on trial.


Anonymous said...

I tend to agree.

Anonymous said...

Also, OBL would have worked hard to make any trial invalid, as did Milosevich. He would have insisted on being tried under Sharia law, for a start.

The trial would have dragged on for years and cost millions.


David All said...

If Saddam had been running a terrorist operation from a fortified compound in an area where he was being protected like Osama, then the only choice would have been to seen in a commando team that would probably have to kill Saddam like Osama was and as in fact, Saddam's two psycho sons were killed when they resisted capture. For better or worse, Saddam, looking like a homeless man, was found alone in a hole. Killing him outright was not really an option. Taking him alive and putting him on trial was the right thing to do in these circumstances.

PS: I like that Osama ended up "sleeping with the fishes" as they said in "The Godfather".