Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't release photos of dead Usama

I just saw John Nichols of "The Nation" argue on the Ed Show that Obama should release photos to the public, after news of Obama's decision to set up a viewing room at the CIA for VIPs to view the photos.

Usama's fourth son is already pissed, and I bet many Saudis feel the same way. How do you think they would react to photos of their "vanished father" shot in the head? I think Obama is making the right decision.


Anonymous said...

The photos should not be released. There are already too many photos of violently killed people floating around.

They encourage an obsession with violence.


David All said...

I agree with Anonymous. Showing photos of Bin Laden dead would be like boasting and swaggering. It would be like photos of a hunter and the animal he killed.

CMAR II said...

The President is ALREADY boasting and swaggering. He mentions him everywhere he goes. They are "leaking" intelligence found at the house to anyone who will listen. What more could he do to provoke the OBL-lovers?

Incidentally, this is a first for a president to OFFICIALLY go into campaign mode 18 months before the election. I expect that Joe Biden will be dropped from the 2012 ticket to be replaced by bin Laden's corpse. I can see them standing on the stage together even now--hands clasped and aloft.