Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pakistan is a terrorist state

When I heard the news of Usama's death, I was listening to a program on BBC World Service about Pakistan's blasphemy laws. If you are in Pakistan and if you are accused of blasphemy, you're fvcked, even if the courts acquit you. This is a country that has nuclear weapons and has received billions of dollars in US aid and yet in Pakistan Sufism is attacked and Sufi mosques are bombed, Christians are murdered. Shia are mass murdered. While Wahhabi terrorists live in fortified compounds.

"A day after Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces in Pakistan, Lucknow's Shia Muslim community has called on the international community to declare the country a terrorist state. "

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PS: Salman Rushdie agrees.


Anonymous said...

how does mojo come to this conclusion?

salman rushdie, out of all people.

Itfoo! Ibn al Kalb

Anand said...

Anonymous, good muslims around the world have rallied against the demon Osama.

It isn't only India's 20 million Shiites, it is also Indian Sunnis, Indian Sufis, Pakistan's Shiites, Pakistani Sufis, Iranians, Afghans, Central Asian muslims, Azerbaijanis, Iraqis, Turks, Albanians, Malays and Indonesians.

Has anyone been so disdained by such a large percentage of the global Ummah?

Iraqi Mojo said...

According to this article, "India's Shia population of 50 million is the second-largest in the world "

Anand said...

Mojo, some of Khoei's friends estimated India's Shia population at 30-35 million.

Juan Cole estimated India's Shia population at 5 million. I think this is completely off, as is much of his thinking about India.