Monday, May 09, 2011

Al Qaeda never attacked Israel

Angry Arab: "It is known that Al-Qa`idah never ever attacked Israel. In fact, it seems that Bin Laden did not adhere to boycott of companies that helped Israel. I read in the New York Times that he drank Coke."

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David All said...

Bin Laden probably figured that there were already enough terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and friends going after Israel and Jews around the world. Bin Laden wanted Al Qaida to go after the Great Satan (the United States), itself rather than be content with attacking the Little Satan (Israel). Also given the flabby US response or frequently non response to terrorist attacks pre 9/11 to Israel's constant policy of retailation and tracking down of terrorists world wide, Bin Laden may have thought the US to be the softer target.

I think a lot of Arabs ignore the boycott of companies that do business with Israel when it comes to coke cola; sort of like Americans ignoring the US boycott of Cuba when it comes to Cuban cigars.

CMAR II said...

For you Mojo:

Corey said...
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C.H. said...


Interesting link. That sickening hypocrisy does not surprise me at all. You've just given me and idea for a new blog post

C.H. said...

"Turkish PM slams 'Nakba killings'"

Yes, he actually did that.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah and Hamas are not 'terrorist organisations'. They have been characterised as such by Israel and it's allies but they are in fact legitimate political parties. Al Qaida is a US/Israeli created terrorist organisation which has never attacked Israel or it's interests. It mostly kills muslims in muslim countries. It's trail of bloodshed through Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa is completely in line with what Israel wants.