Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama's position on Israel closer to Netanyahu's

than is perceived by conservative Americans?

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The more I realize that the US and Israel want a Palestinian state to look like this, the more I want to see a one state solution. Go ahead Israel, annex the West Bank and give the Palestinians living there the right to vote. Make them Israeli citizens, please.

PS: I remember Obama saying that a Palestinian state should be contiguous. This does not look contiguous to me.

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David All said...

Mojo, there was an editorial cartoon in the Atlanta Constitution that showed Netanyahu and Abbas saying that had reached agreement on a two state solution. They pointed to a map on which Israel was called Denial while the Palestinian West Bank was called Dellusion! Another editorial cartoon in which paper I do not recall, showed both Netanyahu and Abbas reaching common ground in that they were both stomping on Obama's Peace Plan.