Friday, May 13, 2011

Head of Bahrain Defense Force accuses Iraqi "agents" of orchestrating protests

"Sunni monarchs determined to maintain control after crushing opposition protests in the kingdom of Bahrain may soon face a new threat from increasingly alienated youths in the majority Shiite nation.

On Thursday, Bahrain’s state news agency reported that troops from the Gulf Cooperation Council are expected to stay on even after the country’s state of emergency is lifted June 1.

Sheikh Khalifa Al Khalifa, head of the Bahrain Defense Force, told the state news agency that the forces, known as the Peninsula Shield, were sent to Bahrain after protests erupted in February to defend against foreign threats, including Iran. He said Iranian, Iraqi and western agents helped orchestrate the anti-government protests."


Anand said...

This is it. Bahrain has attacked America's closest and most important Arab ally. When will Obama stand up for America again by supporting the Bahraini freedom struggle?

Part of the reason this is tolerated is because of Helmand. In Helmand, Bahrain and UAE have troops that serve side by side with troops from the Marine nation, Brits, Danish, Tonga, Georgia, Estonia, and the Afghan National Security Forces.

I guess we Americans love to let our enemies kick us. What will it take to convince us that the Arab dictatorships and extremist parts of the Pakistani establishments are not our friends?

Anand said...

Mojo, why do you think the US press isn't paying more attention to the Bahrain freedom struggle?