Monday, May 02, 2011

Obama not soft on defense

Lawrence O'Donnel pointed out the US raid on the Somali pirates happened under Obama. That was daring and successful. So was the mission that killed the founder of Al Qaeda.

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CMAR II said...

Of course not. Aside from a few misteps regarding Iran and the West Bank --and despite blaming all his problems on Bush-- his foreign policy is a continuation of the Bush Administration, ignoring everything he said while campaigning. He used the intelligence the Bush Administration obtained from Gitmo. He used Seal Team 6 (which Seymore Hersch called "Cheney's executive assassination squad"). Despite what his Attorney General has been saying, he sent the strike team out with orders that made it very unlikely they would return with OBL still alive.

We're all the better for that. I wish he was as sensible about domestic policy.

Aton said...

Who cares what Lawrence O'Donnel thinks.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Obama continued the hunt for bin Ladin, but he got serious about it, made it a priority for the CIA. Obama succeeded in that policy.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Lawrence O'Donnel says "THIS is what getting Usama bin Ladin looks like"