Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will Egyptians march to Mubarak's palace?

'That anger is being channeled into a march on the presidential palace on Friday. Given the positioning of the presidential guard and the army around the presidential palace, some fear that it could lead to another round of bloody clashes. Mubarak's previous address to the nation preceded a day of violence, when armed regime loyalists and hired thugs attacked the protesters in Tahrir Square. On Thursday night after the speech, a small, angry protest gathered in front of the line of tanks outside the state-television building. Others bedded down for another night in Tahrir. Many, many others vowed to keep going until "the idiot" — their President — gets the message.

Mubarak may have, in fact, flubbed the message. In his legalistic, rambling speech, Mubarak did not make it anywhere near clear to the world, much less the hundreds of thousands of his countrymen in Tahrir Square, that he was ceding much of anything. He mentioned delegating powers to Vice President Omar Suleiman but not what those powers would be. Indeed, the only things certain were that he was bent on preserving his dignity and that he would not leave office until a new President is elected in September. Matters were not helped when Suleiman appeared on television for his own speech shortly afterward and basically told the protesters to go home.'

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Dolly said...

This is pretty stupid, they tolerated him for 30 years and suddenly they go berserk. Then he says "Okay then, I'm leaving soon." But they demand he leave immediately, because they can't wait a couple of months, they can only wait 3 decades.

Anyway, "The situation is horrible which is good," as Mao Zetong would say.

Ayrab Jayrab said...

Mubarak Resigns.

Welcome back Egypt. We love you, and we are ready to follow your lead. I hope the zionists are freaking out right now. They really should be.

Maury said...

The protesters got what they wanted. Guess they'll get a new daddy now. The military is still in control, like always. If the military wants to keep the military aid, they'll keep the peace treaty. If they don't.....oh well. New daddy will tow the line either way.

Anonymous said...

We are all proud to be Arab today! Support Egypt!!!!

Olivia said...

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