Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maliki says protests planned by insurgents & Saddam loyalists

'Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is calling on Iraqis to boycott an anti-government "Day of Rage" protest planned for Friday.

In a televised speech Thursday, he said such demonstrations are organized by insurgents and supporters of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Mr. Maliki said insurgents and Saddam loyalists want to incite violence. '

I have a feeling Iraqi Shia will protest anyway.


K said...

Good. Lets hope he's right (I doubt it though.)

Let's hope they start protesting and stop killing.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I hope he's wrong. I hope they don't want to incite violence! There has already been way too much violence in Iraq. The talk on fb is respectful, except towards the government. I've seen only one guy praising Saddam, but I do expect more.

Iraqis are sick of seeing the disparity between rich and poor, sick of the lack of services, slow progress, no political reconciliation, no end to terrorism. They finally arrested the guy in charge of buying fake bomb detectors.

Maliki's govt is doing some things to try to appease the people, but it's too little too late. Pretty much all Iraqis are calling them thieves. Maliki did good by cutting half his salary, but Parliament cut theirs by only 10%. Corruption all over Iraq the biggest complaint, I think. Maliki has to move fast to reform or resign.

K said...

"I hope they don't want to incite violence!"

Yeah your right. I hope he is wrong too.