Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The leftists who aligned themselves with dictatorship

Angry Arab writes "among those leftist leaders who flocked to Qadhdhafi's Libya was none other than George Habash. That can't be denied. Habash's PFLP also inexcusably aligned itself with Saddam Husayn. Those sins of the left are unforgivable by my standards because they burdened those of us leftist who came later, and they damaged the cause of Leftism in the Arab world."

I've been meaning to write a post about the Arabs and leftists who stupidly defended Saddam for all those years. What do they think now? Do they still think Saddam was a cool cat?


Maury said...

He potty mouthed the US. That made him their hero. Most people would rather be poor in the US than live in one of those shitholes where everyone "shares" the wretched poverty created by idiotic leftist ideology. When my brother-in-law was a kid in Vietnam, he and his friends would collect newspapers full of Leninite b.s. and cut them into pieces suitable for wiping asses. Propaganda was free, but toilet paper was seldom available in stores.

What leftists can't stand about America, is that capitalism works. Communism is a dismal failure, wherever it is adopted.

Dolly said...

A lot of them don't *understand* that capitalism works. Many people don't have a grasp of the most basic matters of economy, such as: "Is value being created, or is there always one fixed amount of wealth in the world."

Many, many people are falsely convinced that no wealth is ever created.
Thus, they put emphasis on "fair distribution" only!
Because they think it's zero-sum.
So according to them, a person's wealth is always due to stealing, and a person's poverty is always due to that person being victimized and stolen from.

So, they will actually praise Gadafi or Chavez for "giving" the people "free everything" !!

Meanwhile those leaders own friggin' private islands. That means the likes of Gadafi & Chavez simply confiscated the product of other people in their countries, and then gave them only one part back.

Dolly said...

Surprisingly, many westerners also don't understand wealth creation. I watch Bill Maher and the panelists often advocate socialism.

Dolly said...

mojo asks ↓
☼ Arabs and leftists who stupidly defended Saddam for all those years. What do they think now? Do they still think Saddam was a cool cat? ☼

It would probably not be very difficult to argue that now, because Iraq in recent years is synonymous with "car bomb carnage."
And certainly not synonymous with "24 hour electricity."

The scumbag Vladimir Putin once was able to score media points, when Bush said he brought democracy to Iraq and was inviting Russia to similar. Then putin said: I'm not necessarily interested in having Iraqi type democracy

Dolly said...

My point being this:

Americans were motivated to attack Iraq in 2003 out of desire for revenge, and a hatred for "the other." (arabs, muslims, foreigners, people defying the Greatest USA).

And they were not motivated by a desire to advance democracy and open society

So because the motivation was dirty & contaminated from the beginning, then the resulting democracy became Baatil (false) as well, and now the tragedy of Iraq

has profaned & compromised the very concept of democracy, which is today a word eliciting cynicism

CMAR II said...

Since when was Angry Arab not a supporter of Saddam Hussain. He spent years bemoaning the injustice of deposing him. He cheer on the crocodiles who tried to destablize the democratically elected Iraqi government to re-install Saddam or another dictator.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I don't think Angry Arab was ever a supporter of Saddam. He's often pointed out how stupid Saddam was. He did not support the US bombing Iraq (can't blame him for that) and he saw the US presence there as a nefarious occupation. He got a lot of things wrong on Iraq, especially about Sistani, but to his credit he pretty much condemned Saddam while many Angry Arab fans loved Saddam.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Dolly, do you think there was 24-hour-a-day electricity in Iraq under Saddam?

The car bomb carnage was instigated by the enemies of democracy and the enemies of Iraqi Shia, you know this.