Monday, February 28, 2011

Battles rage on in Libya

NYT: "Street battles raged in two rebel-controlled cities on Monday, as the Libyan government mounted a counterattack aimed at blunting recent gains by the opposition, Libyan and rebel officials said.

Rebel commanders reported that Libyan Air Force Migs conducted at least two bombing runs in the east, while government special forces soldiers retook a major oil refinery."

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David All said...

Mojo, thanks for all these posts covering the revolutions that are sweeping the Middle East and hopefully soon include both Iran and Saudi Arabia. Fouad Ajami is right, this is indeed the Springtime of Freedom in the Arab world.

For Comic relief: Noy Alooshe, an Israeli journalist, musician & internet buff makes a YouTube spoof of Qaddafi's speech. Link to it http://www/
You can link to the NY times story about it by clicking on your link to Ajami's column and then going down to the Times "Most Popular" stories in the right-hand column and clicking on "Qaddafi YouTube Spoof by Israeli gets Arab Fans"

Snoopy the Goon also posted the video at