Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iran warns that protesters may be shot

by the Mujahedeen Khalq. Why would the Mujahedeen Khal, which wants to see the overthrow of the Iranian regime, shoot at protesters who also want to see the end of the regime?

WP: "An Iranian pro-government news agency claims armed opposition groups plan to shoot at people in a protest rally set for Sunday afternoon.

The report says that teams of the Mujahedeen Khalq, an Iraq-based Iranian opposition group, have entered the country to shoot people during the protest rally.

The report by hardline Fars news agency is seen as a warning to potential protesters that the demonstration will become violent.

Iran's opposition has called for a rally Sunday to mark a week since the deaths of two people in Feb. 14 clashes between security forces and opposition protesters in Tehran.

It was the largest demonstration by the opposition in more than a year.

The opposition blames the deaths on government forces."


Maury said...

Libyans must have balls of steel. Unarmed protesters face snipers, grenades, and even mortar launchers. And then show up again the next day. I do believe those folks have had enough of Mr. Qaddafi.

Dolly said...

Libya is quite small, only 6.5 million people. Maybe the oil reserve makes it important a little bit. They used to have a group LIFG, but then LIFG backtracked and Sayf Qaddafi talked to Benotman from LIFG and struck a deal: They let him out of jail, and in return he rails against OBL in the media. Thus LIFG made peace with the Qaddafi regime. And now the regime falls? I wonder if that releases Noman Benotman from his contract