Monday, February 28, 2011

No-fly zone an option, says USA

Libya 2011 is looking more like the 1991 uprising in Iraq by the day, at least from a US perspective. Except the US doesn't have half a million ground troops near Libya, and with respect to the Iraqi uprising it took the US 17 months (after the uprising started) to enforce a no-fly zone in southern Iraq: "In August 1992 the NFZ in the south to the 32nd parallel was established..." Between the beginning of the uprising (March 1991) and the establishment of the no-fly zone in the south (August 1992), Saddam's regime had murdered at least 300,000 Iraqis.

Will the US get involved militarily in Libya, other than to enforce a no-fly zone? Would the US send ground troops, or even special forces? What if Qaddafi crushes the rebellion, like Saddam did? Would the US allow him to stay in power for another 12 years, like Saddam did?

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1 comment :

Maury said...

You know how I feel about these son of a bitches Mojo. They all need to be taken out. This is an opportunity to take out one of the worst, without needing an occupation or extended presence. Get in....nail the bastard....and get out.

The USS Kearsage is headed to Libya through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea. It has 700 marines who can be rapidly deployed, along with tanks, helicopters, harrier jets, and artillery. The USS Enterprise is also in the Red Sea, and can be deployed on a days notice. I don't think it would be needed. If we land marines in Tripoli and take out Qaddafi's tanks, the Libyan people can do the rest.

Then, they can re-deploy to the Red Sea and get ready for Syria or Saudi Arabia. Whichever comes first...LOL.