Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kuwait celebrates liberation day

"Kuwait has marked two decades of liberation from Iraq by staging a large military parade made up of servicemen from many of the coalition countries that took part in the Persian Gulf War. A total of 34 nations helped to drive Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait 20 years ago, bringing the conflict to an end."

..."It's been a success story," said O'Hara. "Kuwait is a success story. And I feel, and so should all the other veterans from the many countries that participated, should feel a sense of pride that they took part in that operation 20 years ago."


Aton said...

‘Highest per-capita income’ in the ME; didn’t the 3arab Jarab Maggots say we wanted to ‘steal’ the oil?

Anonymous said...

kuwait like the other 18 iraqi provinces is occupied by the United States along with the rest of the arabian peninsula. the steel ring America has set up around the peninsula will be broken one day and the sabah family along with the saudis, maliki and all the puppets will be executed and fed to the dogs

a free arabia is on the way and statues for saddam will be built in baghdad kuwait and mecca.

|3run0 said...

Sure! They will be made out of magical candy floss by the mushroom people, who will fly in in their winged unicorns. Wait and see!

Don Cox said...

"a free arabia is on the way and statues for saddam will be built in baghdad kuwait and mecca."

We all hope a free Arabia is on its way, but why would free Arabs want to put up statues of Saddam? The only free person in Saddam's Iraq was him. And even Saddam was nervous of his bodyguard.

Also, I doubt if statues are encouraged in Mecca.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Anonymous Arab American in SoCal (Habis?), how do you feel about Qaddafi?