Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak steps down


"Egypt's embattled President Hosni Mubarak abruptly stepped down as president, ending his 30-year-reign, and Egyptian armed forces will take over the leadership of the country, Vice President Omar Suleiman announced today."


Ayrab Jayrab said...

Hey Mojo,

are you loving "Mr. Booooooosh"?

lol hahahaha

dont quit your day job.

K said...

This is such fantastic news!

I am shocked and awed.

Congratulations to all Egyptians!

Dolly said...

K-hole is trying to pretend that this is a removal of an anti-American dictator, inspired by the peaceful events of Iraq 2003-present. He expects us to consider it a triumph for the neocons & Bill Kristol.

But actually → Mubarak was doing dirty work for the CIA and keeping a chokehold on 80 million muslims in a key Arab country. So the coup in Egypt is actually another loss for the Bushies

Mike Huckabee was on Fox today lamenting the events. He expressed worry for the "Israelites," as that insane cross-worshipper Huckabee put it.

David All said...

Congratulations to the Egyptian people for this first big step towards freedom. Good luck and best wishes for the long road ahead.

"This is not the end, nor even the beginning of the end. It is perhaps though the end of the beginning."
-Winston Churchill on the Allied victory in North Africa, May 1943

K said...

Hey Dolly!

1. Huckabee is no neocon.

2. The fact that Mubarak's government fell non-violently is proof that he was a moderate dictator and that the US was not propping him up as ape-shit conspiratorial moron fanatics like yourself have been claiming all along.

3. Mojo and I, and indeed most intellectual neocons, have always supported democracy in Egypt. Fuck you. We won. Your idiotic democraphobes lost. Stop trying to pretend like this is a victory for your pathetic, vacuous, anti-Jewish, Christan-hating cause. It makes you look an imbecile.

K said...

Oh yeah, by the way, there are not 80 million Muslims in Egypt. You can't count apparently.