Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"We will never bow to terrorists"

'Sunni Islamist insurgents such as al-Qaeda frequently hit Shi'ite gatherings with suicide bombers, grenades and shootings in the hope of restarting the bloody sectarian strife that nearly tore Iraq apart in 2006-07.

Pilgrims in Kerbala complained bitterly that the government had failed to protect the millions of people gathered for the festival.

"When I left my house four days ago, I never stopped thinking about getting killed. I lost my brother last Ashura ... and I always say I could be next," said Jasim Mohammed, a civil servant, referring to another Shi'ite ritual, Ashura.

"We will never bow to terrorists. Today I'm coming to Kerbala to practice my rituals and soon I will vote with same determination." '


Dolly said...

Recently I added some new photos into my "Dead and Grieving Iraqi Shia" scrapbook. You have now reminded me to browse some more news pictures, thanks.

Previously, I had seen images of those same people training under American supervision, and voting in bid'ah shirk elections.

Btw There is a major difference between being brave and being worthless. The reason Iraqi Shia are rushing to death, is that they are worthless.

Imagine 12,000 Iraqi Shia dying versus 4000 Salibs, it's difficult to comprehend these numbers.
I know I'm repeating myself, but 3 Shia die to save 1 Roman. So unbelievable. Did this really happen? Wow.

Dolly said...

Western islamophobes apparently have no disparaging remarks about self-flagellation this time?
You know the Karbalaa self-mutilation and the taqiyya that you otherwise rave about? These are the people. Suddenly, you love them?

Maybe you can whip out that video of Aayatullah Mu7ammad Baaqir al-Hakeem hitting himself on the head, a.k.a. the YouTube viral hit "Muslim rave party."

Oh, those stupid Shia. No wait, they are our brothers. No wait, they are barbaric muzzies. No wait, they are beautiful Iraqis. No wait, they are followers of a moongod, cutting themselves with a knife until they bleed - I saw it on Pamela Geller's blog for Western Defense. No wait, they are democratic Iraqi heroes.

Don Cox said...

Self-flagellation is a foolish acivity, but that does not mean that people who do it should be killed or injured. And they have as much right to vote in safety, and have their votes counted correctly, as anyone else.

Sandybelle said...

This is how man should insist that when has an aim, he has a faith and when has a faith, he absolutely has a distinct idea.
and faith will stay alive forever, since it has the true immortality, and we all will die one day, we should carry a message in our life, should follow a voice in our hearts, so, our life will be meaningful.
I admire this man so much. and bow to you sir for telling us what he said..
stay safe ammu.

Anonymous said...

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David All said...

Latest suicide attack in Iraq.
"Iraq Blast Kills Dozens of Shiite Pilgrims" at

Chilling report from Pakistan: "13-year-old girl flees from family of suicide bombers" at

Hat tip for second story to Brett of Harry's Place. See his post at