Saturday, February 06, 2010

Former Fedayeen Saddam should not be allowed in govt

I don't know about banning Baathists, as Baathism is merely an ideology. But Fedayeen Saddam were criminals. Read this to understand how.

The blacklist was compiled last month by an integrity and accountability committee, sparking tensions between the country's Shiite majority and its Sunni Arab former elite.

It includes -- both Sunnis and Shiites -- suspected Baathists and alleged members of Saddam's once deadly Fedayeen (Men of Sacrifice) militia and Mukhabarat intelligence division.

I learned from Nir Rosen's article 4 years ago that many members of the Mahdi Army were former members of the Fedayeen Saddam. Until then I thought Fedayeen Saddam could only be Sunni Arab. I did not think that a Shiite could murder a fellow Shiite for the sake of Saddam, for money. Sadly I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am afraid I can't agree with you. The Fedayeen were simply a loyal militia, and they were quite brave when the US invaded in 03. If you want to see terrorists, look at the Velayat-a-Faqih (Moral Police in Mullah-Occupied Iran), their Saudi equivalent, the Taliban, and even the IDF

Iraqi Mojo said...

"It is 9am on December 8th 1998 in the city of Nasiriya in Southern Iraq. An order is given to Fedayeen Saddam – ‘Saddam’s Men of Sacrifice’ - to behead Abdul-Hassan Misbah, Ehsan Hussain and Mohammed Subhi. Their hands are tied behind their backs, their feet tied together and they are blindfolded. They are carried to a concrete block with their heads hanging over the road like sheep to the slaughter.

Fedayeen, over a dozen of them all dressed in black with masks covering their faces, crowd the condemned. They hold them in place and shift their bodies accordingly to get the ideal position. Before the victims are executed a member of the Fedayeen uses a set of tools to pull out their tongues and then proceeds to cut them. The three men seem resigned to their fate and do not put up any resistance. They do not shake, jolt or even twitch. It is almost as if they died before they died. Whilst one is having his tongue cut off the other is already being hacked to death by a sword-wielding Fedaye who starts from behind the neck until the head is decapitated.

Once they conclude with the heads the Fedayeen hold onto them as trophies and start dancing around them with the enjoyment, excitement and amusement you would expect in a wedding. Their bodies were not even returned to their families. When the mother went to the Fedayeen centre asking for her son she was told he was a traitor to his country and that his body should not just have been thrown to the dogs, but also burnt. The mother finally found her son’s body after Saddam was toppled. Head buried beside body."