Sunday, February 07, 2010

Iraqi Jews made mistakes too

' "During the mother's pregnancy with Saddam Hussein, his father died, and another son died when he was only 12 years old. She both tried to commit suicide and to have an abortion."

As the story goes, Saddam's mother, Subha, was prevented from killing herself and her unborn child by a compassionate family of Iraqi Jews. That family is now reported to be living in Israel, where it may think itself the tool of some huge cosmic joke. In any case, it does not seek publicity for its act of kindness.'


Anonymous said...

If that's the case one would think he might have been more compassionate towards the 2000 or so Iraqi Jews left in Baghdad when he came to power with his uncle Ahmed. Instead he used them to create terror within the population by hanging nine Jews and one token Muslim in Tahrir Square and bussing in half a million people to sing and dance and ululate and throw sweets under hanging bodies whose faces were not even covered. We were 'previliged' to watch it live on TV.
Anyway I have heard this story about the Jewish family in Tikrit.
In my opinion it was an urban myth.

Iraqi Jew.

Anonymous said...

...spelling correction:...'privileged'...

Iraqi Jew