Friday, February 05, 2010

Iraqi govt gets serious about security

The Iraqi government is finally getting serious about security. Is it because elections are just 4 weeks away and the government has been exposed as fools for believing in magic wands?

'The American military is rushing delivery of dozens of bomb-detection dogs to Iraq after accusations that widely used mechanical devices are ineffective to pinpoint explosives at checkpoints and other search sites, The New York Times said.

“Army Maj. Sylvester Wegwu said the first 25 of 145 trained bomb-sniffing dogs are due to arrive Friday in Baghdad,” the newspaper said.

“Another 120 bomb-sniffing dogs are scheduled to arrive in Iraq over the next 12 months in Iraq.”

”We have more requests than we have dogs and handlers,” added police Brig. Gen. Mohammad Mesheb Hajea, who is in charge of the training program.'

Thanks Montrose Toast

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie YAY!


Dolly said...

Narrated Abu Hurayra (radhiallahu 'anhu)
Allah's apostle (sallallahu 'alayhi wassallam) said:

"Whoever keeps a dog, one Qirat of the reward of his good deeds is deducted daily."

Someone asked: "What does Qirat mean?"
The Prophet answered: "It means rewards as big as a great mountain."

Habis said...

Stupid why are you still here in California? You said you may go volunteer for the puppet police? Still thinking about it stupid? Why not go to Jordan? That is where the puppet police training takes place. I went to Starbucks today. It was a nice place to hang out in the rain and cold. If you are not going stupid atleat tell us you have reached a decision and decided to stay here in Cali and not go. You told us you were thinking about it stupid. So you should atleat let us know what you decided.

Anonymous said...

are you afraid you may get a wawa. waaaaaaaaaaaah...waaaaaaaaaaaaah....

"arabjarab....uday...starbucks...kill arabs....kill sunni muslims...kill them all...i hate them...i hate them...i hate them...they all like saddam...i love bush and america....i hate them...kill them for me...i love america..."

I would like to wish my Christian and Jewish friends a peaceful holiday season full of joy and good tidings.

lol. Classic. Timeless.

Don Cox said...

I hope the Iraqi dog handlers learn to treat their dogs with love and respect. They can be life savers.

Jeffrey said...

Don Cox,

Habis, however, is one rabid Iraqi dog that needs to be put down.


Habis said...

Don Cocks

I am from Jordan not Iraqi. But we are both Arabs and Muslims and we will fight together until every foreign soldier is out of our lands and every traitor dead. We are going to shred your Hashemite puppets to pieces just like we are going to shred the Iraqi puppets into pieces. We have time. Time is on our side. We can fight for a thousand years asshole. I doubt you will last that long.

Anonymous said...

Here is our hit list

All Zionists
All foreign occupation soldiers
Hashemite family
Saudi Family
Hosni Mubarak
Urine al Maliki
The Moroccan King
All the oil families of the gulf
All traitors

Anonymous said...

Notice how no American gets hurt unless he is an occupation soldier in a country where he has no right to be. And notice how stupid is not on the hitlist because he is a nobody.

Iraqi Mojo said...

But it seems all your peeps can do is mass murder Iraqis and drink Starbucks.