Thursday, February 04, 2010

Justice for Saddamists better late than never

Haydar al Kohei wrote a post about Fedayeen Saddam on trial in Baghdad for beheading three men in Nasriya in 1998:

The execution video, parts of which have since been uploaded on YouTube, was shown to members of the Ba’ath Party and Fedayeen paramilitaries on trial in Baghdad last Thursday and after one of the defendants closed his eyes in horror at the video the presiding Judge, Mahmoud al-Hassan, could no longer hold back his anger. While the video was still playing he remarked ‘Yes look away, as if you never saw it. Look how he closes his eyes. Go on close your eyes, close your eyes! It’s a sickening scene? Now you see? Now you see?’

The Judge orders the video to be stopped and returns his attention to the defendants, a few of which were present when the execution took place eleven years ago. He is furious at the men and tells them even if someone had killed his own father it would be difficult for anyone to carry out a murder in that fashion. He asks how they could have heard of such a thing and accepted it. He declares ‘will you say you didn’t hear? Will you say you didn’t know? Go on, let one of you tell me he didn’t know about this. We used to hear about the Fedayeen and their unit, which beheads people, but we have never seen. We have never seen with our own eyes.’

There was pin drop silence and no one dared to interrupt him. The Judge was visibly shaken by the video. Between his shouts, the only sound that can be heard is the weeping of the mother of Ehsan Hussain, who came to bear witness and had to watch every horrible moment all over again as the video was resumed. She cries as she watches the men dance around her son’s head. The video is then paused and an unmasked face becomes clearly discernible. His name is Falah and he is a member of the Fedayeen. He denies he beheaded any of the men but admits he was one of those celebrating the deaths of these ‘traitors’.

It saddens me to think this crime would not have happened had the US done the right thing in 1991 and removed Saddam and his sons from power. This should help explain why so many Iraqis fear the return of the Saddamists.

PS: Watch this video of the trial and of video of the beheading if you have the stomach for it.


Anonymous said...

you and al khoei cheap disinformation.

a) fedayeen saddam were formed in 98 not 97. uday left hospital in 98 asshole.

b) 3 shits being executed were done so by tribal chiefsmen in nasseriya as per tribal shia laws
the chief asked for beheading.

c) reason - 3 shits were pimping and raping iraqi women

you and that paid el khoei el english can go fuck each other.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The victims were beheaded in 1998 for being members of the Da3wa party. The Ba3thi bitches will lie about anything, it seems.

I remember the British convert "Um Ayad" claiming that Um Haydar was beheaded for being a prostitute after I posted this: '"A woman known as Um Haydar was beheaded reportedly without charge or trial at the end of December 2000. She was 25 years' old and married with three children. Her husband was sought by the security authorities reportedly because of his involvement in Islamist armed activities against the state. He managed to flee the country. Men belonging to Feda'iyye Saddam came to the house in al-Karrada district and found his wife, children and his mother. Um Haydar was taken to the street and two men held her by the arms and a third pulled her head from behind and beheaded her in front of the residents. The beheading was also witnessed by members of the Ba'ath Party in the area. The security men took the body and the head in a plastic bag, and took away the children and the mother-in-law. The body of Um Haydar was later buried in al-Najaf. The fate of the children and the mother-in-law remains unknown."

The hardcore Ba3thi bitches are the scum of the earth, no?

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Uday Hussein formed the Fedayeen Saddam in 1995 with ten to fifteen thousand recruits, typically young men living in central Iraq, the regions most loyal to the Ba'ath Party.[citation needed] Uday used the Fedayeen for personal reasons such as smuggling and suppressing opponents.[1] Command of the militia was handed to Qusay Hussein in 1996 when it was uncovered that Uday was diverting weapons to the militia from the Iraqi Republican Guard.

Before Saddam was removed from power, the force was placed back under Uday's control. In 1998 the Ashbal Saddam (Saddam's Lion Cubs) was created to recruit and train young children for membership in the Fedayeen. The Ashbal recruited boys aged 10 to 15 for training in small arms and infantry tactics as well as loyalty conditioning."

Anonymous said...

The sheikh of that tribe I know his son personally these thugs were not dawa sluts like yourself, they were pimps and rapists like your clan.

Anonymous said...

Everybody in the Arab world knows aldawa. Everyone associated with this group should be rounded up, stood up against a wall and shot in the head. There bodies should then be burned. These people do not deserve life. They are not humans. They are animals.

Um Ayad said...

Iraqi Mojo

"I remember the British convert "Um Ayad" claiming that Um Haydar was beheaded for being a prostitute after I posted this: '"A woman known as Um Haydar was beheaded reportedly without charge or trial at the end of December 2000."

Why did you lie? I know what I posted. I did not claim Um Haydar was a prostitute. Please do not misquote me

I only asked you if you knew if she lived in Hay Al Wahda, al-Karrada. I do not know if this was the same woman. I know the area well. A woman from a brothel was beheaded in the street in 2000, that is the only beheading of a woman I heard about in a street in al-Karrada in 2000. I do not know if the woman was called "Um Haydar". But I do know that a woman taken from that brothel was beheaded. It was well known as a brothel by local residents, many complained about it. They did not want a brothel, in what was then, a very nice, family area.
I also wrote "the beheading of the woman is barbaric, she should have been arrested and taken to trial."

By the way I am not sure what you mean by calling me a "British convert". Guess you will resort to your usual torrent of insults and abuse.

Iraqi Mojo said...

So Um Ayad only IMPLIED that Um Haydar was beheaded for being a prostitute.

Um Ayad, are you not a British woman who converted to Islam after (or before) marrying an Iraqi man? Was I wrong? How is that an insult?

Um Ayad said...

Iraqi Mojo

I asked if you knew if you knew where the woman lived. I did not imply. Thought it strange that two women were beheaded in the same area. When you lived in Iraq in 2000 that is something that you would hear about, especially if it happens in your neighbourhood. But I guess you wouldn't know, you were not there...I was.

The insults I am referring to are the insults you have used in the past. I will not repeat them.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The murder victim Um Haydar was indeed beheaded in Karrada. Um Haydar could have been the same woman you heard about, Um Ayad.

So the official Baathist line you heard was that a prostitute was beheaded. Do you believe that Um Haydar was a prostitute? If she was, did she deserve to be killed?

You seem to be naive, Um Ayad, or worse, a manipulative deceptive Baathist schmuck. By suggesting that the murder victim Um Haydar could have been a prostitute, you imply that she committed a crime. You make me sick, Um Ayad, and you deserved to be insulted.

Aton said...

Um Ayad is a British convert? Now that is priceless…

Um Ayad said...

Iraqi Mojo,

I think YOU are rather childish and naive. I will not sink as low as you to use your kind of insults. Iraqi men are usually good mannered and polite. Pity you left Iraq when you were so young and have adopted American mannerisms.

Of course this woman or anyone male or female does not deserve to be killed. I don't agree with the death penalty, even if found guilty after a trial. Thank goodness we don't have the death penalty in the UK.
Nobody has the right to take the life of another. How come you don't understand the meaning of the word "barbaric" because that is what I called it? That is exactly what the killing of this woman was. In Iraq there are still barbarians today, but there are many good decent Iraqis that I have the privilege to know. Every country have the good and the bad.

No point in saying that I would take the Baathist line. I didn't hear their line. We knew what was happening in our area, we didn't need telling. The brothel I was referring to is something I saw with my own eyes. You couldn't miss the women living there, their behaviour was despicable and angered the whole neighbourhood. What made it worse was that some of their clients were Mukhabarat, it was impossible not to notice their vehicles. It was the residents who asked for the women to be removed from the area..... removed NOT beheaded!.
I repeat, I did not know the woman's name, so I don't know if she was called "Um Haydar" or if this is the same woman. Also I don't know if the woman that was killed was one of the prostitutes or the Madam/Owner of that brothel.
I only heard of one woman that was beheaded in the street in Karrada at that time, that was why I asked.... If there was another I didn't hear about it. I have asked others who used to live in Karrada at that time and they didn't hear of another woman being beheaded, only the one from the brothel, which we were all angry about. Nobody wants a brothel in the area where they live with their families, in Iraq or anywhere else in the world.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Um Ayad wrote: "I have asked others who used to live in Karrada at that time and they didn't hear of another woman being beheaded, only the one from the brothel, which we were all angry about. Nobody wants a brothel in the area where they live with their families, in Iraq or anywhere else in the world."

Once again you have implied that the murder victim was a prostitute and once again you have made me sick. You are an imbecile of Qur'anic proportions, Um Ayad.