Sunday, February 28, 2010

Al Qaeda targeting Christians again

'Sunni Islamist insurgents such as al Qaeda have long targeted Christians, Yazidis, Shabaks, and other Iraqi minorities, as well as majority Shi'ites, whom they consider heretics. Christians number an estimated 750,000 in Iraq, a small minority in a country of 28 million.

Al Qaeda has vowed to use "military means" to derail the national ballot next month, which it sees as a farce to ensure Shi'ite domination of Sunnis.

Targeting Christians is an effective way to highlight the shortcomings of Iraq's security forces, given the media attention that attacks against Christians attract. Iraqi Muslims are killed in much greater numbers.'


Dolly said...

This is just beyond offensive. They kill tens of thousands, and now you are outraged about 9 Christians.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I am always outraged when the wahhabi scum of earth kill innocents.

Maury said...

I've been reading up on Allah,the moon god. In Mohammads' time,he was the chief deity. His symbol was the crescent moon. Moon worshippers would pray towards Mecca several times a day and make an annual pilgrimage to the Kaaba.

Pretty interesting stuff.

Dolly said...

Osama bin Laden once commended America for putting "In God We Trust" on money.

See how the monotheist thinks? He didn't say: "That isn't the God we had in mind."

In contrast, followers of the American teabagger brand of Christianity always make Shirk. The only unforgivable sin btw.

Iraqi Mojo said...

'Iraq's Christian community is one of the world's oldest. But since the 2003 invasion, church bombings, kidnappings, and assassinations have scattered the community. Last year, Human Rights Watch estimated that two-thirds of Iraqi Christians have fled their homes since the war began.

The abduction that ended in Mr. Dahan's death was the second time he had been kidnapped. Two years ago, he was abducted from his corner shop, beaten with a rifle, and stuffed in the trunk of a car. He was kept wrapped in chains under a stairwell until the family borrowed enough money from neighbors to pay a $5,000 ransom.

“They said ‘you are Christian – you have to pay a tax,’ ” says Vivian. The family didn’t go to the police because they said the kidnappers would have blown up their house.

This time, there was no ransom note and no contact with the men who took him away.

A week after he was abducted, his beaten and scarred body was dumped in the street near their house. Police took his eldest son Raif to the morgue to identify him.

Dahan, who had lost the use of his hand after being wounded in the Iran-Iraq war, had been whipped and his shoulder dislocated before he was shot in the mouth.'

Toady said...

In contrast, followers of the American teabagger brand of Christianity always make Shirk

What's 'Shirk'? Is that something to eat?

Dolly said...

Don't worry, there is a perfectly good explanation. You see, the Christians had to die because of WMD.
Turns out, the WMD reports were wrong.

See? Nothing to worry about.

Aton said...

"American teabagger brand of Christianity always make Shirk"

How are small businesses owners "shirk?"

Dolly has obviously never owned a business.

You should stop pretending like you understand American politics before you embarrass yourself once again.

Aton said...

Sure Dolly, Saddam's airplanes flying over head gassing his own citizens to death isn't evidence of WMD's

Aton said...

Thanks Maury,

The moon is the God of the dark, the sun is the God of light.

Aton said...

Dolly, have you ever owned a prosperous business. Or, have you always been a slave Arabcentric oligarchy?

Maury said...

You've got to admit it was pretty cool how moon worshippers could become Muslims without making any changes Aton. They could still pray to Allah while facing Mecca. And they could still make the pilgrimage to the shiny black rock. Maybe that's one reason the new religion spread so quickly in the Middle East. Mesopotamia worshipped the moon god for 3000 years. The ziggurat at Ur was for the moon god.

Dolly said...

Hey Maury, do you remember back in the days when you still used to pretend you weren't an islamophobe, and were only against the militants & radicals?
How time flies in this era of Twitter, and Cross-worshipper sites.

Maury said...

It's a good thing Allah wants to be worshipped in the same manner the moon god was,eh Dolly? No need to change perfectly good traditions in order to please the new God. Allah even put his stamp of approval on Bedouin cultural cutting off clits and beating women into submission. How cool is that?

Dolly said...

The core thing in islam is Tawheed, so the crucial change was the abandonment of Shirk.

Allah the most high says:

Laa tasjudu lish-Shams wala lil-Qamar

Don't worship the Sun or the Moon

But, you are just parroting stuff you heard on a mushrik website.