Monday, February 08, 2010

The ploy to eliminate election rivals

'Allawi, a secular Shi'ite who said he survived an assassination attempt by Baath party agents for his opposition to its rule, said he supported punishment of party members proven to have committed crimes against the Iraqi people.

But he said the candidate ban before the election, seen as crucial to solidifying Iraq's young democracy and settling disputes over territory and vast oil reserves, was indiscriminate and a ploy to eliminate election rivals and detract from the current government's failures.


"Frankly what I see is the gross failure of the government in providing services, in providing security, in reducing unemployment and having a clear cut foreign cover these failures they are attacking others," Allawi said.'


Maury said...

Mohammed over at ITM thinks secular candidates are being banned to solidify the sectarian hold on power. It doesn't make sense that anyone would seriously fear Baathist candidates. How many votes could they possibly get?

Don Cox said...

I guess Baathist candidates might do well in Tikrit.

Probably not elsewhere.