Monday, March 19, 2007

Members of Parliament aiding insurgents?

Keep in mind that Mish'an al Jabouri was a member of parliament. I do not understand how such unsavory characters can become members of parliament.

'Al-Hayat interviewed a Sunni parliamentarian who was publicly accused of being implicated in violence in Iraq, after traces of explosives were found in his car. Dhafir al-'Ani, a member of the “reconciliation” Sunni bloc, refuted the accusations and claimed that the attacks against him are politically motivated.

Qasim al-Musawi, the spokesman for the operation “rule of law” (commonly referred to as the “Security Plan”) had publicly enumerated evidence found among al-'Ani’s entourage that may link the MP to illegal armed groups. The evidence included traces of explosives in four of al-'Ani’s cars, 65 AK-47s and a sniper rifle. As is commonly known, most Iraqi politicians travel in heavily armed convoys and surround themselves with bodyguards, but the presence of explosives may be harder to explain.

Al-'Ani told al-Hayat that the “arsenal” that was confiscated from his house was entirely legal and that all his bodyguards’ weapons were licensed. He also denied any connections to armed groups, positing that the accusations against him aim to pressure him into “changing (his) political beliefs.” He also said that several of his bodyguards were arrested and tortured, before being released. Lastly, al-'Ani insinuated that the explosives’ traces found in his car must have been planted, since his convoy enters the Green Zone daily and the American security checkpoints did not detect any dangerous materials.

It should also be noted that the homes of two other deputies from al-'Ani’s bloc were also raided by the Iraqi police on the same day.'

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