Saturday, January 13, 2007


Big Kudos to Al Jazeera TV for bringing on Iraqi journalist Sadeq al Musawi (Shii) and Mish'an al Jabouri (Saddamist extraordinaire) on to discuss a bit of Iraqi politics. The host talks about a recent poll of the Arab Street ('do you support the execution of Saddam Hussein?'). Before they even started, Jabouri insisted on reading the Fatiha (Muslim prayer for the dead) for Saddam Hussein the martyr! Immediately Musawi objects, and tries to stop him, and they duke it out, shouting at each other. Jabouri yells "Saddam is your master [MEMRI translates 'Sayyid' as 'master'] and the master of your parents and people like you!" He calls Musawi a Persian and an Iranian throughout, and at one point Musawi responds that his grandfather is buried in Baghdad. After Musawi leaves the stage, Jabouri says that Saddam is Musawi's Sayyid and the Sayyid of those who created Musawi. Jabouri threatened to 'do things' to Musawi more than once. This is the same Jabouri who worked for the new government as an MP (for the sake of national reconciliation! and Saddam killed his relatives too!) and embezzled untold amounts of money from the new Iraqi government. Jabouri is also the owner of Al Zawra TV. These are the kind of people Iraqis are expected to reconcile with. Wallahi I feel sorry for the Iraqi people.

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