Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Man on the Moon

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The Man in the Moon

Website Warns Sunnis not to Believe Saddam Spotting Rumors
By NIR ROSEN 01/02/2007 7:09 PM ET

The Sunni pro-Baathist website Iraqi Rabita today warned Sunnis not to believe rumors that it claims are widespread throughout the Arab world and are being distributed via mobile phone text messages that Saddam’s face appeared on the moon. The website declared that these rumors are false and religiously prohibited. The website also claimed an unnamed satellite television station was spreading these rumors as well. The website asked Sunnis not to believe the rumors about Saddam on the moon because those who would be happy at the Sunni loss, meaning Shias, like Abdel Aziz al Hakim and Nuri al Maliki would laugh at them. Indeed soon after the Shia Buratha website mocked Sunnis. "They could not find him on the earth so they started looking for him in the moon," the site said. It explained that the rumor started in the evening and "some naifs in Abu Ghureib, Amriya, Khadra and Yarmuk (Sunni neighborhoods) stood outside in the cold weather searching for Saddam in the moon."

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