Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The 'Comic' Book

I don't understand the concern. Iraq Slogger is calling it a 'greusome' comic book. I'm sure that Iraqi kids see gruesome things on a daily basis, and the images in this book are mild compared to the images Iraqi kids are used to seeing. It's not a comic book, and its portrayal of the Iraqi police as all good guys may not be accurate, but in the page I saw on Iraq Slogger today it shows how the Iraqi army and police protect ordinary citizens against a terrorist. One commentator claimed yesterday on this blog that he has seen the bad guys in the book wearing kaffiyas (chiffiyas in Iraq), and "in some cases, they made the Kffiya worn by the terrorists a palestinian headscarf (with the distinctive pattern)..." He also mentioned that the good guys wear 'American Marines' uniforms. There are some similarities between Iraqi Army gear and US Marine gear, but they are clearly different. Do the Arabs expect the Iraqi Army to wear dishdashas?

Iraq Slogger has published only the page below, and the bad guy in this case is not wearing a traditional chiffiya with any distinctive pattern.

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