Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jordan Sentences Four Iraqis to Death

I guess we can't fault the Jordanian government for not trying to stop Al Qaeda.

Jordan Sentences Four Iraqis to Death
Group Charged With Terror Attacks Against Jordanians in Iraq

'A military court in Amman on Thursday sentenced four Iraqis--three of which had been tried in absentia--to death for carrying out attacks against Jordanians in Iraq.

Ten others--suspected to be at large in Iraq--were sentenced to terms ranging from 15 years in jail with hard labor to life imprisonment.

The group had allegedly planned and carried out attacks against trucks with Jordanian license plates driving on Iraq roads. The group's leader, Ziad Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly, who once claimed and later denied being associated with al Qaeda in Iraq, was the only defendent in custody for the trial.

According to the AP, as the military judge read the verdict in the Amman courtroom on Thursday, al-Karbouly shouted: "God is our leader and America is your leader." Al-Karbouly can appeal the verdict. '

Wow. I did not know that God leads men who mass murder innocent civilians.

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