Friday, March 09, 2007

Reason to Celebrate

Much to the chagrin of Al Jazeera and leftists world wide, preliminary reports indicate that the head of the "Islamic" Sate of Iraq has been captured. God I hope this is true.

Update (3/10): Security Forces Deny al-Baghdadi Capture

Iraqiya Reports al-Baghdadi Captured
Qaeda Chief Arrested in Raid Near Abu Ghraib

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, emir of the Islamic State of Iraq, has reportedly been arrested near Abu Ghraib in western Baghdad, according to an Iraqi military spokesman.

Brig. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said, "One of the terrorists who was arrested with him confessed that the one in our hands is al-Baghdadi."

AP has reported that they confirmed Baghdadi's arrest with a prominent Iraqi Shiite who is close to Maliki.

CNN has just announced they confirmed the arrest with the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

The US military has yet to confirm the account. It is unknown if Iraqi or US forces had conducted the alleged raid.

Other rumors of al-Baghdadi's capture have surfaced over the past week, but this would be the first time that an Iraqi official has used his name on the record to make the claim.

Earlier reports of al-Baghdadi's capture have turned out to be false.

The last report of Baghdadi's whereabouts placed him in the north of Iraq, in the Mosul area, where he was reported to be the leader of a brazen attack on a prison in Mosul

"Abu Omar al-Baghdadi" is an assumed name. The real identity of the man who took this nom de guerre is unknown. IraqSlogger has reported on some informed speculation in the blogosphere on this question.

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