Thursday, March 01, 2007

Allawi Plotting to Bring Down Maliki?

Allawi Plotting to Bring Down Maliki?

Sadrist Site Warns of Opposition Efforts to Depose Government

Iraqi MPs, led by former interim prime minister Iyad Allawi, may make a play at replacing the Maliki government with a government of "national salvation," the Sadrist website is warning.

The site refers to broadcast reports from Sawt al-Iraq which suggest a plan involving ex-PM Allawi and his "Iraqi National List" bloc, along with the Iraqi Accord Front, and some members of the governing Shi'a bloc, with the goal of "pulling the rug out" from under the governing coalition and achieving a no-confidence vote in PM Maliki himself.

According the the report, the major goals of this bloc include the repeal of the de-Ba'thification law, and the reintegration of some former Ba'thists into the state. The Sadrist site, naturally, opposes this policy. also wonders if this rumor is part of a larger plot to strike down the new-found power of the Iraqi Shi'a, and push back the Sadrist current.

In another report, points to meetings that Allawi held in Iraq and in Amman, Jordan, with various Iraqi opposition leaders as further evidence of this alleged upcoming maneuver.

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