Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who is next?

I hope it's Iran.

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Maury said...

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and North Sudan. All are at the bottom of the trash heap when it comes to human rights.

Maury said...

Israel has been deeply concerned that Egypt's turmoil could threaten the 1979 peace accord signed between the two countries. The United States, Egypt's top ally, is also eager to ensure the accord remains in place. The military strongly supports the accord, not in small part because it guarantees U.S. aid for the armed forces, currently running at $1.3 billion a year.

Anti-Israeli feeling is strong in Egypt, and many of the hundreds of thousands of protesters expressed anger at Mubarak's close cooperation with Israel on a range of issues. Still, few seriously call for the abrogation of the treaty, realizing the international impact.

And Ayrab Jayrab was getting so pumped....

Ayrab Jayrab said...

I hope Iraq is next

Maury said...

Huckabee Leads Latest GOP Presidential Poll

Dolly's hero.....LOL.

Ayman said...

You had 3 Obama admin officials mention Iran recently when the subject of Egypt's revolution was the central topic.

Vice President Joe Biden said to the Iranian government, "Let your people go! Let your people out of jail!"

You had press secretary Robert Gibbs giving his last press conference saying about the Iranian government's blocking of media coverage of the Egyptian revolution, "The Iranian government is afriad of the will of its people."

You had another Obama official say that the Iranian government's announcement of support for Egypt's protesters is "hypocritical" because the Iranian government cracked down ruthlessly on the "Green" protests in Iran.

If we are lucky, Iran's government will be the next dictatorship on the chopping block.

K said...

It's a nice idea Mojo, but I think Iran, KSA and Libya just aren't in a position to pull off this type of non-violent revolution because their governments are too despotic. I wish that weren't the case but the past few years have shown us otherwise. I hope I am wrong.