Saturday, February 05, 2011

US hikers to stand trial in Iranian court on Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday.

'The lawyer representing two U.S. hikers jailed in Iran has been denied a request to visit his clients on the eve of their trial, he told CNN on Saturday.

"I asked to see them before the trial, but the judge told me I couldn't," said Masoud Shafii.
The judge has granted Shafii permission to visit Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal for a few hours on Sunday prior to the start of the trial, Shafii said.

Bauer and Fattal, both 28, and Sarah Shourd, 32, were detained July 31, 2009, after they allegedly strayed across an unmarked border into Iran while hiking in Iraq's Kurdistan region. Prosecutors in Iran have charged them with spying and trespassing.'

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C.H. said...

Don't be surprised if there are a couple of Basiji sneaking drugs into their backpacks right about now. Then this "evidence" will be brought to light at the trial.

It should be Khamenei and Ahmadinejad who are on trial.