Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saudi cleric says protests planned by enemies of Islam

Angry Arab: 'It was a matter of time before he speaks on Egyptian developments, and the Wahhabi chief Mufti of Saudi Arabia, has spoken. He said that the demonstrations that are now going on in some Arab countries are "planned and pre-mediated by the enemies of Islam to fragment the Islamic Arab countries, and to transform them from big, strong countries to small backward countries." He concluded by ordering Muslims to obey their rulers and cites a hadith, saying that Muhammad had said: "Whoever obeys me, has obeyed God, and whoever disobeyed me, disobeyed God, and whoever obeys the ruler, has obeyed me, and whoever disobeyed the ruler, has disobeyed me." '

OMG the Saudis are lame. The Saudis can go back to sleep now, or go back to Starbucks. LOL!

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Ayrab Jayrab said...

i agree they are lame