Saturday, February 05, 2011

Reagan could have brokered a peace

between Palestine and Israel. Mubarak urged him in 1985! What happened to Mubarak's urging? It fizzled out, it seems.

Mubarak Urges Reagan to Push Mideast Peace Effort
September 24, 1985|RUDY ABRAMSON | Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told President Reagan on Monday that he thinks time is wasting in Mideast peace efforts, and he expressed hope that the United States will step up the pressure to push forward an initiative that has languished since February.

At an hourlong White House meeting with Reagan, Mubarak stressed that the Palestine Liberation Organization has "implicitly" accepted the U.S. conditions for joining any peace talks, according to a senior Administration official who took part in the session. The conditions include recognition of Israel's right to exist and acceptance of two key United Nations' resolutions.'

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