Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mubarak's VP says protests supported by foreigners

'Egypt's foreign ministry has said that the protests are a result of a foreign conspiracy against the Egyptian government, but Suleiman said something different.

"I believe that they are from our society," he said. "They are not foreigners, but for sure, these people have been supported by foreigners." '


Maury said...

The Brotherhood has rushed to take a stronger role in the unprecedented protests that erupted 10 days ago, led by more secular young activists demanding the ouster of Mubarak. The Brotherhood's strength was on display in the pitched battles in Wednesday and Thursday against government supporters who attacked the protesters' camp in Cairo's central Tahrir Square before they were driven from the square by the pro-democracy forces.

Brothers — distinguishable by their close-cropped beards — dominated the front lines, often lining up to pray for "victory or martyrdom," before throwing themselves into the fray, hurling stones, sticks and firebombs at the attackers while shouting "God is great."

Amr Said, a 41-year-old chemist who said he is a Brotherhood supporter, told The Associated Press in Tahrir Square Friday morning that "our instructions are not to assume a role that is too visible at the moment, and to get along with all other groups including and leftist and liberals.

Yeah, don't be too visible just yet. When the Shah left, a provisional government was formed. A month later, the Islamists formed their own provisional government. Anyone who didn't follow their orders was disobeying God. Media pundits don't "think" Islamists will take over Egypt. Isn't that nice?

Don Cox said...

Mubarak started out OK, but failed to keep his promise to stay for only two terms. The longer he has been in power, the worse the oppression. The Egyptian security forces are intolerable.

So many foreigners support the Egyptians' struggle for freedom and an end to the "emergency".

Whether the Egyptians will get any freedom is another matter. It is more likely that Mubarak's thugs and torturers will soon be working for the new "revolutionary" regime.

Ayrab Jayrab said...

I love it when Zionists get angry and frustrated. It is definitely a good sign.