Monday, February 07, 2011

Israel likes Suleiman

"Egypt's Vice President Omar Suleiman was long seen by Israel as the preferred candidate to succeed President Hosni Mubarak, secret U.S. diplomatic cables published Monday suggested."

Suleiman is the CIA's man in Cairo too.


ih said...

Sorry, I don't get the point of this post.

Don said...

All the US wants is that Egypt should not start a war with Israel. If Mubarak or Suleiman keep the peace, the US will support them.

The US would no doubt like to see more democracy in Egypt, but peace is the top priority.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The point of this post is that Israel and the CIA support dictatorship in Egypt, because it's been working for them.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Don, do you think there will be peace if Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes and annex Palestinian land?

idit said...

"The point of this post is that Israel and the CIA support dictatorship in Egypt, because it's been working for them."

So did China,EU,Russia and the rest of the world untill 2 weeks ago.
Are you going to hold them to the same standart you hold Israel?

Iraqi Mojo said...

China and Russia are not democracies. Also they haven't fought wars with Egypt.

Didn't the EU come out in support of democracy in Egypt?

Iraqi Mojo said...

It's clear that China and Russia are all about the money in Africa and the ME. They don't seem to care much if the government is a dictatorship or a monarchy, as long as they get to do business there.

The US is also all about the money in the ME, but the US govt wants one additional guarantee: be nice to Israel.

Maury said...

"Didn't the EU come out in support of democracy in Egypt?"

The US beat them to the punch by a decade or two. We're always accused of propping up these regimes. But, that foreign aid gives us leverage. Those recipients have to at least hear us nag. Nobody did it better than Condi.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has delivered a forceful call for democratic reform in the Arab World in a major policy speech in Cairo.
The US pursuit of stability in the Middle East at the expense of democracy had "achieved neither", she admitted.

"Now, we are taking a different course. We are supporting the democratic aspirations of all people," she said.

The BBC's Frank Gardner said her comments marked a complete departure for the US, and were "immensely risky".

She criticised Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where she arrived after leaving Cairo, for cracking down on dissenters.

She also called on Egypt to ensure its upcoming election was free and fair.

Our security correspondent says the remarks not only risked alienating Cairo and Riyadh - by making such calls for democracy the US could open the way for more Islamist governments.

Maury said...

Since Hillary obviously isn't going to Cairo to support the demonstrators, maybe we should send Condi again. Maybe she can nag Mubarak about the repression and call for free and fair elections again.

I don't think Obama could stop her if he tried.