Thursday, February 03, 2011

Israel doesn't like Obama's response to Egypt

"President Barack Obama's response to the crisis in Egypt is drawing fierce criticism in Israel, where many view the U.S. leader as a political naif whose pressure on a stalwart ally to hand over power is liable to backfire.

Critics — including senior Israeli officials who have shied from saying so publicly — maintain Obama is repeating the same mistakes of predecessors whose calls for human rights and democracy in the Middle East have often backfired by bringing anti-West regimes to power."

Again, Israel must change. If there is injustice in Palestine, there will be no real peace between Israel and its neighbors, whether the Egyptian government is Islamic or secular.


C.H. said...

Egyptians don't seem to like Obama's response to the crisis either.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Yes it seems they want his full support. He's walking a tight rope.