Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Does US support democracy in Yemen & Bahrain?

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Jack Wayne said...

It seems to me like the US supports democracy when it suits and turns a blind eye when it doesn't. Egypt is a case in point!

Dolly said...

So mojo do you watch all 6 Sunday political shows.
You have to watch
1) NBC Meet the Press
2) CBS Face the Nation
3) ABC This Week
4) CNN State of the Union
5) Fox News Sunday
6) CNN's GPS with Fareed Zakaria
if you wish to stay on top of the game like myself,

and make Informed choices, crystallize the Correct positionz

Dolly said...
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Don Cox said...

The US supports democracy but accepts that it cannot magically bring freedom to every state it does business with.

In the case of Egypt, the US settled for a regime that agreed not to start a war.

Maury said...

The people are better off when the US has influence in their countries. Our friends and allies will get freedom long before countries where we have no ties. Will China and Russia cut aid to Iran if it executes protesters? Will Putin pressure them to allow demonstrations? HA!

I hated Marcos. Could not understand why the US supported him. I saw his abuse of power up close. What I didn't see at the time, was the influence the US was exerting in other ways. Ideals have a way of rubbing off on people. For instance, a lot of filipino's joined the Navy. Many did their 20 or 30 years and retired back home. They knew there was a better way. What they saw and learned couldn't be undone.

Dictator's will survive a lot longer if they have no ties whatsoever with the US. Regimes in Iran, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Burma, and Cuba, have a lot more staying power than the regimes with US ties.