Friday, February 11, 2011

Do American conservatives support democracy in Egypt?

Are Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck truly conservatives? Should we assume they represent conservative Americans? Traditional conservatives like William F. Buckley might be embarrassed to be associated with Limbaugh and Beck.

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K said...

No more than American liberals supported democracy in Iraq it seems.

So sad that, as usual, domestic issues like taxes and health care trump core American values like upholding freedom and democracy in the eyes of partisan.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"No more than American liberals supported democracy in Iraq it seems."

Good point.

C.H. said...

What about Biden? Why is he getting a pass from liberals who "support" democracy in Egypt?

Yesterday McCain called for Mubarak's ouster, btw. Many "neocon" publications like the Weekly Standard came out against Mubarak and in favor of the demonstrators.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thanks C,H. for reminding me about McCain and Kristol. They called for freedom in Egypt. They probably remember Bush calling for freedom for all Arabs, including in Egypt.