Saturday, February 12, 2011

"The biggest loser will be Al Qaeda"

Al Qaeda is already the biggest loser.

"Too many Americans bought into a lazy stereotype that Arab countries were inhospitable for democracy, or that the beneficiaries of popular rule would be extremists like Osama bin Laden. Tunisians and Egyptians have shattered that stereotype, and the biggest loser will be Al Qaeda. We don’t know what lies ahead for Egypt — and there is a considerable risk that those in power will attempt to preserve Mubarakism without Mr. Mubarak — but already Egyptians have demonstrated the power of nonviolence in a way that undermines the entire extremist narrative. It will be fascinating to see whether more Palestinians embrace mass nonviolent protests in the West Bank as a strategy to confront illegal Israeli settlements and land grabs." --Nicholas Kristof


Dolly said...

One of the main objectives of Al-Qaeda is the toppling of Taghut rulers like the CIA-allied Mubarak.

In one of the 6 Zawahiri video-interviews I have on my comp, he complains profusely about the president of Egypt (years ago).

The Americans on the other hand thought it was an amusing idea to champion "freedom" in the form of mass murder (Iraq, WMD);
but to simultaneously support actual tyrants like Husni Mubarak, and to do rendition programs in the region.

Now their puppets are falling, and the neocon calls for "liberty" are left looking completely stupid.
The U.S. is now backtracking and saying: "Liberty matters, but stability matters more."

That is because all their talk of "freedom" was nothing but a cruel joke intended to mock the people of Iraq.
Their message essentially was → "Hey Iraqis! We killed you for your own freedom! LOL!!"

But, now that Ali Abdullah Salih is falling, the Americans' comment is only this:
"Stfu about freedom already. Those sand savages need to be controlled."

Maury said...

"the Americans' comment is only this:
"Stfu about freedom already. Those sand savages need to be controlled."

So the only websites you browse are white supremicist nut jobs Dolly? You really should get out more.

Maury said...

The Italian government is to ask for permission to deploy its police in Tunisia, to tackle a sudden wave of immigration, say officials.

More than 4,000 migrants are reported to have arrived on the island of Lampedusa in the past few days.

Italy has declared a humanitarian emergency and called for EU assistance.

Mr Maroni, who is a member of the anti-immigration Northern League party, said the Tunisian system was "collapsing".

Italian officials said another 1,000 migrants arrived on Lampedusa on Sunday, bringing the total to more than 4,000 and swamping facilities there.

We don't know how Tunisia will play out over coming months. Right now, nobody has a clue. It's just chaotic. That's why I didn't get Egyptian demands for Mubarak to go. He was already going in September. What's more important, to get the constitution amended and ensure fair elections are carried out, or to celebrate jubilantly for a few days over a shallow victory? The military controls Egypt just as much as ever. Toppling the figurehead doesn't cure the problem.

Maury said...

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Bahrain's security forces set up checkpoints and fanned out on patrols Sunday as opposition groups blanketed social media sites with calls to stage the first major anti-government protests in the Gulf since the uprising in Egypt.

The wide-ranging clampdown appeared directed toward Bahrain's Shiite majority — which had led the drive for Monday's rallies — and reflected the increasing worries of the Sunni rulers who have already doled out cash and promised greater media reforms in an effort to quell the protest fervor.

A prominent human rights activist predicted "chaos and bloodshed" if attempts are made to crush the planned demonstrations.

The tiny kingdom of Bahrain is among the most politically volatile in the Gulf and holds important strategic value for the West as the home as the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet. Bahrain's Shiites — accounting for nearly 70 percent of the population — have long complained of systematic discrimination by the ruling Sunni dynasty, whose crackdown on dissent last year touched off riots and clashes.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"One of the main objectives of Al-Qaeda is the toppling of Taghut rulers like the CIA-allied Mubarak."

Does Al Qaeda feel left out of this revolution? Not a single Egyptian police station was blown up.

Anonymous said...

"Not a single Egyptian police station was blown up."

I think some were burned. The police in Egypt are highly unpopular, for obvious reasons.

Don Cox

K said...

Dolly, your analysis is, as usual, completely ass-fucked.

How on Earth does millions people proving that the neoconservative democracy advocates were right all a long about people wanting Liberty make them look "completely stupid?"

Also, how is it you cannot tell the difference from the appeasers who have been calling for "stability" and "containment" over liberty from neoconservatives, and who are clearly no longer in power in America anyway?

How can you possibly lump 300 million Americans in to one mind set? I supposed that goes along just fine with way you lump all Muslims together too.

The mass murder in Iraq was overwhelmingly committed by your terrorist fundamentalist shitbags trying to stop democracy in Iraq at all cost. And lets face it, they are probably going to try very hard to stop it in Eygpt and Tunisia too.

And one more thing: you sound moronic when you imply that you have some secret documented knowledge about Zawahiri. The interview where he alleges torture by the Egyptian secret police was played over and over on all the American news outlets right after 9/11. It was specifically used by democracy advocates as a center piece for their argument that people who live under tyranny are more likely to turn into PTSD psycho traumatized terrorists.

Hey what the hell happened to you anyway? Were you tortured? How did you get so fucking nuts?