Thursday, February 03, 2011

Apartheid state was biggest recipient of US aid

I say "was" because recently the US stopped giving "economic aid" to Israel, since their economy has been doing relatively well.

I think the apartheid claim is true if you consider the West Bank to be part of Israel. If Israel considers the West Bank to be part of Israel, then Israel is an apartheid state and until recently was the biggest recipient of US foreign aid. I believe Israel is still the largest recipient of US military aid.

It is ironic that Americans, being the supporters of democracy and justice we are, have been funding and supporting a nation that's been responsible for an apartheid situation for four decades. These days the Palestinian Authority receives US dollars too, although from my view at this time the aid looks more like bribes, an incentive to cave on key demands in the so-called "peace process". Maybe we can ask them to put the money to better use, instead of encouraging them to buy US-made weapons.

At least one American President, the one who urged Egypt's Sadat to sign a peace treaty with Israel, has been trying to talk about the apartheid situation that's been going since 1967 in Palestine (not inside Israel proper). No the numbers of deaths do not compare to Rwanda. It's more like South Africa was.

I may have posted this clip before.

Jimmy Carter is now being sued for his "anti-Israel" agenda. Wow. This is the man who got Egypt and Israel to sign a peace treaty, the same treaty that American conservatives are touting as evidence of the success of US policy with Mubarak. Yet today Jimmy Carter is being sued, for telling the truth and pointing out the injustice in Palestine, for trying to follow up on his peace initiative. It is bizarre.

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